TimberNews Fit to Print – March, 2018

Hey Camp!

Here we are again, ready to tell you about some great happenings for our campers and staff around the planet.  We just want to remind everyone that this little posting is ENTIRELY driven by you.  If you’re a parent, you can send us news about your kids all the time, and we’ll share it!  If you’re a staff member, you can send us news about you and boom!  It’ll be up there.  Please help us avoid making up stuff or letting this section get too thin.  No one wants that.

In St. Louis, SAM SIWAK made his high school’s JV baseball team as a freshman, and is traveling to DC with his synagogue to meet with his senators and lobby for LGBTQ rights.  BEN SIWAK just finished his hockey season with a personal record for penalty minutes.  He is also on the technical crew for his school musical.  ADAM POGER spent his spring break skiing in Vail, Colorado, and is trying out for his high school golf team.  He also traveled to Chicago to hang out with some camp buddies last month.  Belated Bar Mitzvah congrats to JOSEPH LOURIE who celebrated in January.

Los Angeles finds ILAN REIS playing in the Toyota Sports Center’s High School JV Spring Hockey League, on his school tennis team and also playing Pony baseball.  CHARLIE LOVETT made his high school golf team.  JEREMY GROVER is playing striker on his club soccer team.  A little further south, in San Diego, LEO HANDELSMAN made first hnors at school and is playing on the school basketball team.  JOEY HANDELSMAN’s soccer team made it to the round of 32 in the Cal South State Cup tournament.  He also made the school honor roll.

In Chicago, GABE NEWMAN spent winter break in Costa Rica hiking in the rain forest, and playing golf and tennis.  That was a popular destination!  NOAH FOSTER also went to Costa Rica on winter break where he did some surfing.  CHRISTIAN WALLNER has been playing flag football and rugby.  DANIEL SOLOT and OWEN MONIESON showed visitor ADAM POGER around the SNL exhibit in Chicago.  TYLER BORSTEIN will spend part of his summer on a service trip in Utah working with sheltered animals and visiting national parks.  TYLER MANN is finishing up soccer season and starting with a new lacrosse team.  For spring break he will be fishing along the Outer Banks.  SPENCER VERNIER and MYLES BRODSKY did the Chicago Polar Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics. The water was 37 degrees.

The Washington, DC area finds WILL SEXTER playing the role of Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof,” while also keeping busy with his alpine ski racing team in Pennsylvania.  NOAH SEXTER’s basketball team was undefeated as of last check-in.

A month back or so, Nashville got a dose of winter weather with snow and ice.  DILLON ARONOFF made the most of his week off of school doing some sledding in the rare Nashville snow.

Bar Mitzvah congrats to DUSTIN GREENWOOD in Kansas City.  He will celebrate early next month.

In Colorado, LIAM HITCHENS is a sharp dresser on Sundays.  We got to have lunch with the whole Hitchens family in Evergreen on our way up to Keystone earlier this month.


Down in Mexico, JONATHAN VERA led a short camping trip with CARLOS DORANTES BANUELOS near the Iztaccihuatl Summit Volcanos.  From Carlos’ brief report, it went well, though he’s really sore.   ADAM COHN recently paid a visit from St. Louis to Chicago, hanging out with fellow counselor ALEXANDER ZLOTNIKADAM WASSERMAN was working on crew for two productions last month for Kent State Independent Films. This included a production for Hillel videos for and working for Teleprodcutions, the broadcast network for sporting events and other events across campus.  JAKE FEIGER is at the University of Illinois, and last month he volunteered at the American Cancer Society’s St. Louis Hope Lodge . He drove to St. Louis where he bought, cooked, and served food for cancer patients and their families who stay at the lodge free of charge while receiving treatment at the city’s hospitals.  NIKKI MOSCINSKI is working on her applications to Medical School.  JACOB ROSENSTEIN is busy with school in Boston after a spring break trip to Iceland.  One of Jacob’s education classes has included the opportunity to work with 4th and 5th graders teaching advanced math and social studies.  He’s also worked with the school counselor with 3rd graders teaching anger management skills.  Up in the mountains, JOVAN MCGEE has been working hard as a dispatcher and driver for Colorado Mountain Express.  He’s been carting some famous folks on their way back and forth for their ski vacations.  DUSTIN COHEN is finishing up the ski season as an instructor at Keystone.  He recently took a few days to ski the deep powder at Wolf Creek in southwest Colorado.  Back here in Arizona, KAREN MCKELVEY is almost finished with the construction on her tiny house up in Cascabel, a rural area northeast of Tucson.  It is waaaay off the beaten path, and as you can see from the photo, she’s had some wild visitors in her neighborhood.

Wedding bells are ringing for “old-timer” MICHAEL BREEN.  Our old camper, counselor, village director, and associate director will be married in September!


Our next edition of “Notes from Camp” will be posted in early April.