TimberNews Fit to Print – April, 2018

Hey Camp!

Is it Spring where you live?  We know what the calendar says, but what is Mother Nature telling you?  In the Midwest, spring has looked a whole lot like winter so far this year.  Leslie and I were just in Chicago recently to attend the Camp for All Kids event.  While we were there, we were lucky enough to also catch a matinee of “Hamilton.”  We thoroughly enjoyed both events, and we had a great time seeing some camp folks while we were there.  But what did we love the most?  Well…getting back to Tucson!  Not to be too wimpy, but the weather that weekend was wicked.   It was cold, wet, and windy.  It would have been considered bad weather in December, much less April!

So what does a cool and wet April mean for camp weather?  Glad you asked.  It means NOTHING!  Camp is in a unique weather area due to the proximity of Lake Superior.  It can be a very cold and snowy spring (which is the case this year), and we could end up with a beautiful start to the summer with warm, sunny days and a nice warm lake.  Of course, there are no guarantees about any of this, but we are enthused that all the snow and moisture in Northern Wisconsin means our lake will be very, very healthy again this year.

JORDAN FREUND traveled from LA to Phoenix to compete in a regional gymnastics tournament earlier this month.  CHARLIE LOVETT had some visitors in LA, including OWEN FRENCH from St. Louis and DANIEL SOLOT from Chicago.  They also got together will “old-timer” RYAN COHEN. In Chicago, JACK KRISER and LEO SCLAMBERG were double cast as the role of Drew Boley in their school’s rendition of “Rock of Ages.”  Break a leg, boys!  (Not really!!)  ELI GARBER’s family got a Cavapoo puppy back in January, and spent spring break in the Dominican Republic.   Last month, two crazy guys, SPENCER VERNIER and MYLES BRODSKY did the Chicago Polar Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics.  Wow!  Bar Mitzvah congrats to MAX KOHL who celebrated with some camp friends recently.  Congrats also to DUSTIN GREENWOOD who celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in Kansas City earlier this month.  Camp guys took to the slopes last month.  ZANE & BEN FREY headed from KC to Squaw Valley, and BEN & ARI KADEN traveled from Chicago to Vail, where they bumped into BEN GOSS during a lunch break at the top of Vail Mountain.  TYLER DEUTSCH made the trip from St. Louis to Breckenridge for his spring break.
While on a college tour, ANDREW KARMIN paid a visit to Duke and spent some time with JORDAN TAYLOR.  It is sailing season in The Netherlands, and ROBIN LODDER has been getting out there.  She’ll be taking a sailing course next month before heading to camp.  BRIAN STRAIN enjoyed a 7 day cruise to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras during his spring break.  JERRY GUTIERREZ spent much of March traveling in Mexico for a national tournament with his soccer academy.  DUSTIN COHEN is making his way towards camp, with a stop in Chicago for some camp biz, a stop in Madison for some lifeguard training, and then arriving at camp in early May.  BILL MILLER is on his way to Des Moines where he’ll spend a few weeks with family before Mike picks him up and they drive to camp early next month.


We will post our next edition of “Notes from Camp” early next month.  And then right after that…WE’LL DRIVE TO CAMP FOR THE SUMMER!!!  Think we’re a little excited about that?!