TimberNews Fit to Print – September, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Fall has arrived at camp.  And it didn’t arrive gradually…or gently.  Nope, it just plowed its way here.  One day it was sunny and 85.  The very next day it was cloudy, windy, and 65.  The next day it was wet and 55.  We’ve even had our first frost earlier this week.  Wow!  A recent rain and wind storm accelerated the leaves and pine needles falling to the ground.  The CA at camp has a sweet little carpet of pine needles all over it, and while it signals that winter is coming soon, it is also a beautiful sight!

Each month we’ll use this posting to fill you in on any fun or meaningful (or maybe not) events going on in the lives of our campers and staff.  Of course, we can only share what has been shared with us, so please, campers, moms & dads, counselors….let us know what’s going on with you.  We’d love to have tons of information for everyone to catch up on.

One of the things we LOVE the most is when camp people get together during the “off-season.”  Seeing how those camp friendships carry on all year long is just the best!  Back in August, while on a trip to visit grandparents, PAYTON FRIEDMAN got to hang out in Boulder with BLAKE LEHRER.  Also in Colorado, LIAM HITCHENS had a fun time with EDEN KAPLAN at a swimming party.  In Nashville, DILLON ARONOFF has got room decorating down like an expert!  Anyone else out there doing interior design so beautifully with camp decor?  JACK DE RIESTHAL  wrote a great description of his experiences at camp for his English class.  If we had a marketing department, Jack could be in charge!  GABE NEWMAN is back in school in the Chicago area, and is a standout on the JV Golf team as a freshman. In St. Louis, TYLER DEUTSCH is back in school and playing hockey.  Over the holidays there was an impromptu camp reunion with CARSON CRANE, LUCAS LEVY, JOSEPH LURIE, and JAKE HOFFMAN.  In Chicago, JEREMY STROUSE ordered a pizza, and his delivery man was the one and only JOE BERNS.  Jeremy reports the pizza was on time, hot and delicious, and delivered during a storm.


Wedding bells were ringing this month when “old-timer” MICHAEL BREEN tied the knot with his wife, Miranda.  It was a very campy wedding with  SAM “PICKLES” KAHN, “old-timers” BEN BRONSON, SAM GOLDHAR, and Michael’s brother SCOTT BREEN serving as groomsmen.  And several camp folks were in attendance including “old-timers” RYAN COHEN, JOHNNY & RACHEL WASZCZAK, BILLY SCHRERO, along with Lelsie & I.  It was a fun time to celebrate and be with happy camp people.  After camp, SANTI GUTIERREZ hung out in Chicago with JOSH MEYER before heading for home.  Nurse DANNY KANE has landed in Asheboro, NC working as an ER Nurse.  In Chicago, ALEX PECK was nominated as a National Merit Scholar semifinalist for his high school.  DANIEL VAN BUREN has relocatedf to Superior, WI where he is taking construction classes to help him become an even more awesome Maintenance Man.  His class is currently building a house with Habitat for Humanity.  “Old-timer” ADAM WASSERMAN worked with a minor league baseball team this past summer for an internship, and will be studying in Florence, Italy for a semester this year.  He is a film major at Kent State.


Early next month we’ll catch you up on updates about next summer.  Happy Fall, everyone!!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin