Mindful Resolution – Notes from Camp – January, 2019!!

Hi Folks,


Happy New Year!!  2019.  Incredible.

Are you making any New Year resolutions this year?  Y’know the challenge with these resolutions, of course, is how hard it is to remember to implement them.  That makes so many of these well-intended proclamations to be just that… proclamations.   Proclamations tend to be pretty and to convey intent, but there’s no real enforcement component so they hold no real value.  (Side note — how come “fortune cookies” have devolved into “proclamation cookies?”  How often does the little crispy dessert treat actually give you a prediction of what’s to come?  Nowadays, they seem to declare mundane things like “you are wise” or similar nonsense.  What happened to “you will win the lottery and have a nice chat with Justice Ginsburg?”)

Mindful people approach these things in a purposeful way, and it’s something that can really make a difference.  Those folks wake up in the morning, spend a moment remembering not so much what they want to do today as HOW THEY WANT TO BE TODAY.  And that daily reminder ultimately transforms intent into habit.

An example comes to mind as shared with me and several other camp directors by a long-time youth development consultant from Chicago by the name of Michael Brandwein.  Among his many, many clever and pertinent observations, Michael told a group of us that camp directors often walk around camp thinking things like, “What a beautiful day!  Look at that gorgeous lake!  I love how happy the campers are today!”, yet their facial expressions convey a different message, more along the lines of “Why did I eat that sour lemon just now?” or “When will this splitting headache go away?”  In other words, we have to be mindful that kids and counselors see us, read our facial expression, and react accordingly.

The solution, he told us, is simple.  Just “FIX YOUR FACE!”  He’s right…that is simple.  But if you’re someone who’s natural countenance is not joy and light, then you have to be mindful about it.  His suggestion for that was equally simple.  In any bathroom you use regularly, just put a note up on the mirror with the initials “FYF.”  Boom.

While that specific issue may not be applicable to everyone, the methodology could be.  If you have a goal to be more X and less Z, then you likely need reminders until that way of being is habitual.  So, use your bathroom!!  That’s the first stop of the day for most people, and fertile ground for daily reminders.  A note in your medicine cabinet, on your mirror can be all it takes.  Leslie uses notes on the dashboard of her car to make sure the routine of leaving the house and going to work doesn’t override things she wants to remember.  It only requires a bit of mindfulness and planning, and you can honor your own hopes, replacing those empty proclamations with real action.  Once again…boom.


Okay, folks.  The new year has ushered in a time for a little action.

For starters, your Winter Deposit ($1250) is due by January 15th.  If you have not already taken care of that, please do so, and we will send you an email to confirm receipt of your payment.  You can pay by check mailed to our Tucson address, or by credit card.  Please note, a 2.75% surcharge is added to credit card charges.  Thank you very much.

Secondly, we have updated the Parent Handbook for 2019.  It is available to you on your Keylog Page and we strongly urge you to print it out and read through it.  With the exception of time-sensitive info (i.e. flight schedules), everything you need is organized and clearly explained.

It’s a lot…we know that.  It is 100% important and necessary info so we can be a good team to help prepare your camper (and you) for a positive camp experience.  Please set aside some time to read your handbook.

Please take a look at the information below with dates and things you need to take care of.  If you  have any questions at all, please let us know.  We will always send you reminders along the way when important things are coming due.

Right Now! Parents of campers flying to/from camp should register with our travel agent and get their flights camp arranged. The sooner you do that, the better your fare will likely be. Click here to register.

Later this month your CampDoc account for 2019 will go live. You'll receive an email notifying you, and you can then begin entering/updating your camper's medical information.
January 15thWinter Deposit is due
March 15thSpring Deposit is due
May 1st Order your clothing and camp supplies from Everything Summer Camp so you can be sure to have it in time for camp.
May 15th Balance payment is due. You will receive notice in mid-April for this. Lots of paper work is due on this date too. This includes medical forms, camper info forms, etc. All of these forms are accessible from your Parent Keylog page. Don’t worry, all the directions you need are in your Parent Handbook, and we'll send you abundant reminders.
June 17th1st Session Begins! It's about time!!
July 13th1st Session Ends. Just like that.
July 14th2nd Session Begins! There...that's better.
August 9th2nd Session Ends. What can ya do?
August 10thTime to sign up for Camp 2020!


We are so happy with the great response we’ve had so far from our returning staff, and we have some awesome prospective new counselors we’ll be interviewing this month.  As a reminder, most of you have a January 15th date by which we guarantee we’ll have a spot for you this summer.  If you are unable to confirm your plans to return to camp by then, that’s okay, but we will start looking for great new folks to fill our openings.  So long as a spot remains available to you, we’ll happily welcome you back. If you have any questions, please call or email us.


Ed Rodriguez Fernandez – 01/01, Sonya Burgess – 01/03, Nathaniel Walton – 01/04, Ben Frazier – 01/07, Will Sexter – 01/07, Montisse Jamil – 01/08, Viki Korn – 01/08, Christian Shaeffer – 01/10, Sam Salzer – 01/11, Willie Charles – 01/12, Piero Pizzuto Allende – 01/14, Henry Anderson – 01/15, Mia Gomez – 01/15, Buddy Askenazi – 01/16, Coby Teich – 01/16, Matt Silverman – 01/17, Miles Settler – 01/22, Charlie Smoller – 01/23, Justin Goldenberg – 01/25, Myles Brodsky – 01/29, Christian Wallner – 01/29, Jay Carroll – 01/30.


Later this month, we’ll update you on some campers and counselors who will be joining us this summer, and if you will share some stories and photos of your winter holiday escapades, we’ll share those too!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin