TimberNews Fit to Print – March, 2019

Hello Camp People!

Spring has sprung!  Maybe not weather-wise where you live, but the calendar tells us it is Spring!  Let’s celebrate!!

Our camp community has been on the move lately, and we have some fun news to share with you about that.  First, though, you should check out another one of our Parent Videos talking about camp.  Maybe share it with some friends and relatives!

Our last reunion of the “off-season” was in Tucson last month.  It was fun getting together with everyone, though we do it pretty often.  AIDAN MEASE is playing lacrosse, and Mike got to watch one of his games on a windy, blustery day in February.  DAVID BERK has continued to volunteer at the Tucson Village Farm, and competed in Lego Robotics and made it to the Arizona state tournament.  In the Chicago area, PAYTON FRIEDMAN broke his wrist playing basketball last month.  That’s not the first time….In Omaha, the Lucoff boys have made the most of the winter by bundling up in comfy Timberlane hats, and still going outside!! 

Who knew Chicago in February is a vacation destination?  Apparently, HENRY ANDERSON thinks so, and he visited with several of his camp buddies while he was there, including EVAN WALDMAN, SAM SALZER, BRADY ADELMAN, and ANDREW YORK.  While on vacation in Deer Valley, UT, Virginian JACK DAVISON bumped into Tennesseans CAM & GAVIN GORDON.  Aren’t camp small world stories the best?  And in Nashville, JUDE ESKIND, MICHAEL DATILLO, and MAX SONSINO had a little hangout time with new camper from Memphis, LOGAN HANOVER.  Talk about camp southern hospitality!

A bold bunch of current Timberlane staff and alums braved the wilds of Las Vegas last month to celebrate the 30th birthday of our Assistant Director, SAM “PICKLES” KAHN.  There was so, so much food (including pickles), some swimming and lazy rivering, and many laughs.  Joining in the festivities were  (in alphabetical order so as not to offend anyone) DAVID ARTZI, MIKE BREEN, DUSTIN COHEN, EMMA COHEN, RYAN COHEN, AARON GLAZER, EVAN GOREHAM, CORRIE & HITCH HITCHENS,  JEFF MELROSE, JOEY PAWLAN, COLBY SHARLIN, JORDAN TAYLOR, SCOTT WOLF and AARON ZEMACH.  And to answer the question you’re no doubt asking, yes.  Yes we did sing him a birthday bravo in a Las Vegas restaurant. 

Not long after that, it was time for the Tri-State Camping Conference, so DUSTIN, MEL, HITCH, and I packed up our casino clothes again, and journeyed to Atlantic City.  While we were there we attended several workshops pertaining to a wide range of camp and youth development topics, and we networked with camping colleagues, including alums JOHNNY & RACHEL WASZCZAK, who are directors of a camp in Pennsylvania.  We also met up with camp alum JORDAN EPTON who works for Waldo, a camp photograph services company you’ll hear more about in the weeks ahead. 

In the Chicago area, lacrosse season is beginning and JOE BERNS and ALEXANDER ZLOTNIK will be playing together.  While in Boulder, CO to check out Colorado University Alexander bumped into CU students, and  “old-timers” ZACH WALDEN and JACK LYNCHDOX RASKIN is playing on his school’s volleyball team and competed in a tournament in St. Louis last month.  DANIEL SOLOT was also in St. Louis to play volleyball, and his buddies made sure he got some Ted Drewes famous frozen custard…even though it was freezing cold outside.  


April is a gigantic month for camp preparations.  We’ll hold our New Parent live webinar in late April (invites for that will be coming soon).  We’ll announce some cool new stuff for parents to look forward to (referenced earlier in this posting), and we’ll help you get ready to get ready for camp!  Have a nice Spring, everyone!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin