Notes from Camp – June, 2019

Hi Folks,

This is a hybrid posting, because we have some important information for you, AND we also have some newly enrolled campers and staff to tell you about.

But first, did we mention WE’RE AT CAMP??!!  Omygosh it is so great to be up here.  We’ve already seen two seasons in the few weeks we’ve been here.  We arrived in what would be late-spring, early-summer days.  It was sunny and in the high 60s and low 70s.  And then, a late winter revisited us with some precipitation, and some cool dips in the temperatures.  And now, we’re right back towards summer.  Go figure!

Camp is absolutely beautiful!!  The grass is green, the trees are getting fuller and more green by the day.  We’re seeing the results of a lot of work done on the place last fall and over the winter, and you just won’t believe it when you get here.  A few small highlights: We’ve created a permanent home for our 9 Square in the Air game, so we won’t chew up the grass when we play.  And we’re adding a really fun new game to play during free periods called Tri-Crosse.  We are gearing up our Woodcrafts program with tools and projects, and that’s gonna be awesome!  We’ve added some new floating docks to the waterfront as well as a brand new water trampoline.  How’s that for starters? Oh..did we mention we have 5 brand new and very cool kayaks for the waterfront?



1. Our laundry service has asked you to make sure you have your camp laundry bag (our ONLY required logo’d item, available here), and that you please WRITE YOUR CAMPER’S NAME IN 3″ TALL LETTERS AT THE TOP OF THE LAUNDRY BAG ON BOTH SIDESWhile this may seem like a hassle, it can make all the difference in getting the correct laundry to the correct kid.   And we know that’s what everyone wants.

2. If your camper is attending 1st session and if he takes any medications, we must have those in our hands by June 7th to avoid a late fee.  This policy has been very well publicized, and unless there is a last minute change in your son’s medication regiment, we will make no exceptions.

a. If you have already discussed a specific medication scenario with us, we have that information.  Please do not need to reconfirm with us. If we have any questions, we’ll definitely reach out to you.

We have mailed out travel instructions and baggage tags to all of our 1st Session/Full Season families.  Please let us know if your don’t arrive soon.  This information will be mailed to our 2nd Session families at the start of July.

And in the perhaps somewhat less important category, here is a reminder that you can sign up with Waldo Photography to have any photos taken of your son this summer magically sent directly to your phone!  This is entirely optional for parents.  Those who do not sign up for the service can still see every photo we post…they just won’t be singled out with your son’s smiling face and sent to you.

We are happy to tell you about a few more returning and first-year campers who have enrolled recently:  Welcome back to JEREMY GROVER  and HENRY BERKSON of Los Angeles, CA; and after a summer’s absence, COLE PETERSON of Highland Park, IL.

Welcome aboard to HAYDEN ADRIAN of Glencoe, IL; CARTER KAUL of Cedarburg, WI; AARON RICH of Washington, IA; CURTIS FANN of Cleveland, OH; and FEDERICO DE FRANCESCA of San Mateo, CA.  We’re excited to get you all up here and start the fun and friendship of camp!


AARON GLAZER Yes, our dynamic duo of PA Directors is back again.  AARON GLAZER, pictured to the left, is back for his 13th summer at camp.  Wow!  Aaron is 21 years old and just graduated from USC with a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism.  Aaron covered USC sports for his 4 year college career, and spent the last semester working for Fox Sports in their programming department.  He is originally from Mequon , WI.
EVAN GOREHAM EVAN GOREHAM, pictured to the right, is returning for his 4th summer at camp.  He is from Arizona, and in addition to looking EXACTLY like Ryan O’Reilly, the feisty forward for the St. Louis Blues, Evan is completing a Masters Degree at Northern Arizona University in Athletic Training.  He is seeking a spot with a Div 1 collegiate athletic program.  Evan is 24 years old.


BEN BADNANI Ben is 19 years old and just completed his freshman year at Boston University where he is a Computer Science major.  Ben is from Parkland, FL where he grew up swimming and playing golf.  He was a competitive swimmer, and attended multiple golf camps.   This summer he will be a cabin counselor, will head up our Golf program, and help out with Swimming and Yoga.  Something you may not know about Ben: “I am in the process of acquiring my pilot’s licensing after attending flight school for some time. I hope to complete my required tests by the time I arrive to camp, and be an official private pilot. “
LUZ FLORES ALVAREZ Luz is 24 years old and joins us from Tlaxcala, Mexico.  She is in her 2nd year at Universidad Anahuac in Puebla, studying Business Administration.  She has 2 younger sisters and a large family of younger cousins, and she loves being with children.  She has also worked in a restaurant, and is interested in food service management.  This summer Luz joins our Kitchen Staff.


As soon as the campers arrive we will begin posting our twice weekly summer journal, “Days of Camp.”  We will send you an email to alert you of our first posting, and after that if there is anything really important for you to know, we will alert you via email.

The start of camp is so close!  We can’t wait!!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin