Days of Camp – June 29, 2019

Hi Folks,


Today we sent out a mid-session update to all parents with campers at camp.  You should have received an email with some feedback from your son’s counselors about how the session has been going so far.  To sum up…it’s been excellent!  If you did not get the email, please let us know.

That’s it for announcements.

Y’know…you can learn a lot when you lie on the forest floor.  I know…I do it a few times a summer.  Tonight was one of those times.  It was Counselor Hunt for Evening Program, and in spite of my life experience, I still like to hide.  Is that so normal?  Maybe not, but it is how it is.

So there I was, lying on the floor of the forest hoping no one sees me.  It was a buggy night to do that, but it was still so worth it.  And as I said…you learn a lot.  First of all, as I was lying there, the floor of the forest was clearly a busy place.  Ants, spiders, little birds and other critters just did not sit still.  They were busy!  So I figure, even my busiest day doesn’t look like that…I have it pretty good.

It was really quiet out there…unless there were kids hunting in my vicinity.  They don’t do quiet so well.  What’s cool is I could hear them clearly, and it’s educational to hear kids talk with each other when they think there are no adults  around.  Here’s the good news…I heard no profanity, I heard no teasing or negative chitter chatter at all.  Ain’t that great?  Maybe these awesome kids are just awesome all the time!

And for those wondering about the answer to the big question…yes I got caught, but I did not get found.  There’s a difference.  With about 15 minutes left in the evening, I vacated my (still amazing) hiding spot, and made a “run” for it.  I have to put “run” inside quotations because I don’t think my effort rises to that description anymore.  So it didn’t last long.  I was nabbed.  But, my hiding spot is still in tact, and will be used again!

We’re having a heat wave up here.  The past two days we’ve been in the mid-80s.  It’s hot, but not excessively so.  I know, I know, if you live in Texas or Tennessee or Arizona, you’re snickering at that tiny little number.  But I’m betting you have air conditioning.  So when we get that warm, the lake becomes an even more popular place.  Fortunately, it has been nice and cool in the evenings…,perfect for sleeping.

Last night was a biggie.  We had our 2nd campfire of the session, and it was our Legacy Campfire.  Last night we honored 5 staff members who are spending their 10th summer at camp.  They are DAVID HEIMAN, ANDREW KARMIN, ETHAN LETWAT, MYLES ROSENSTEIN, and ALEXANDER ZLOTNIK.  We are always awed by that kind of dedication and loyalty, and we believe it warrants recognition and celebration.  So our campfire included a brief story about the founding of camp and our history together.  We like everyone to understand that, when you are part of the Timberlane family, you are part of something that is much bigger than any one person.  We also took some time to have close friends of each honoree tell stories of these guys from past summers.  The kids love that stuff, and it turned out to be a wonderful night.  We had our Keylog Ceremony, and afterwards we convened around the flagpole for a special ceremony.

United Nations is coming up a week from Monday, so we are starting the preparations.  UN Day is a gigantic day in camp when the whole community is placed on 1 of 4 teams (nations), and we spend the day in friendly competition.  It requires a ton of work and leadership, so the counselors in each village vote on 4 UN Day Captains, who will help organize and (most importantly) lead their teams on the big day.  Friday night at the flagpole we recognized the 12 captains with our traditional torch light ceremony.  It was awesome, and this summer’s leaders are just amazing kids.  We’re very proud of them.

Thursday was an interesting day.  It was cloudy and threatening most of the morning.  We managed to get our morning program in without a hitch.  In the afternoon we had clinics offered.  As rest period was winding down, we started hearing thunder, so we had to delay the start of the program.  After 30 minutes or so we were in the clear, though it was still cloudy.  We just went ahead and started the clinics, and shortly after that, some light drizzle began to fall.  After a while, it got a bit heavier, but just never crossed that threshold where we felt like we needed to change to an indoor program.  After all, as we tell the kids, research has indicated that children can, in fact, get wet.  Well, you shoulda seen it.  Kids were still playing volleyball and 9 square and throwing the frisbee around and even water skiing in the light dew.  It made us proud.

That night the weather cleared, and we had “whacky” Blue & White games.  This included things like tennis-ball baseball…just fun games that are a bit out of the ordinary.  The boys ate it up!  And the weather held up for us.

Some fun stuff coming up includes some games with a nearby boys’ camp, Karaoke Night, and of course, the amazing July 4th fireworks show.  Our schedule is packed and the kids are having a blast.


  • Brule River, WI – 3 days river canoeing
  • Flambeau River, WI – 3 days river canoeing
  • Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN – 6 days lake canoeing
  • Pictured Rocks Nat’l Lakeshore, MI – 6 days backpacking

That’s it for now.  We’ll write again soon!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin