Days of Camp – July 4, 2019

Hi Folks,


Travel Home plans have been emailed to all of our 1st Session campers’ families.  Yes….we’re serious.  It’s crazy, we know, but that’s how the calendar goes.  Parents, please understand that we consider your son’s travel home plans now set firmly in stone.  Changes at this point are very difficult for us to manage, so please don’t make any.

We have also posted the 3rd Series of activities to your Keylog pages.  Again…not easy to believe.  Those activities started today, and will take us through to the end of 1st session.  Yoikes!

So, ya win some, and some get rained out.  The very fact that I’m writing this to you this evening…on July 4th…should give you a tip that tonight’s fireworks show was indeed rained out.  *sigh*  It was actually a pretty fantastic day around here.  We awoke to a sunny and mild morning, and at breakfast we learned the oldest campers in camp had decorated the Lodge in red, white, and blue streamers.  So festive!  So patriotic!  We had a delicious breakfast (it was French toast, but the irony was lost on most), and we played some fun music during the meal – stuff like “American Pie”, “Proud to be an American”, etc.   It set a very high energy mood for the whole day.

It was a hot one today too.  The lake felt great all day long, and the Northwoods was a nice place to be.  We had a wonderful day of activities and after dinner we had an “Organized Freedom” period to keep us smiling prior to boarding buses and vans and heading to town to see the fireworks show.  The buses were ready, the vans were ready, the kids were  ready.  Our organizational efforts were ready as we had an advance team already in town staking out our viewing area for the show.

Mother Nature, as it turns out, would not be ready.  All day long we saw threats on the radar that never materialized.  Until about 8:30 tonight.  Then we started getting wet.  At 9 PM, the town of Minocqua called off the fireworks show.  In hindsight, those folks got it right because even now it is still coming down.  We still celebrated our nations’ independence day with a lot of spirit and happiness.  We’ll see the fireworks next year.

Yesterday was Cruiser Day, and it was a beauty!  The Juniors were on a bus together, and their day was highlighted by some mini golf, a trip to the waterslides, and some fun relaxing time at a local park.  The Intermediates scattered about the Northwoods, with some groups going up to play around Lake Superior, and one heading to the iron mine in Michigan to do some exploring.  And the Seniors were here in camp taking advantage of the nice weather and the lake.  It could not have been a nicer day, and everyone was exhausted by bed time.

Tuesday was a great day in camp, with activities going well and in the evening we played a game of All Camp Clue.  There had been a capital crime in camp, and the boys teamed up to determine who the culprit was, where the crime took place, what the weapon of choice was, and what the motive was.  Just like the board game, but writ very large.  They had a blast.

I had the great pleasure of joining our CITs on a paddle down the Peshtigo River.  It was nothing short of fantastic!  The weather was sunny and warm, the river was flowing well, and we had the greatest time!  Certainly the fun of paddling on such a beautiful river was a big part of the enjoyment, but this group of CITs was really the main attraction.  These young men have been working hard, so when they get the chance to get out together, they always make the most of it.  We’ve all been so impressed with their work in camp.  Just as important, they are a cohesive bunch who laugh together, support each other, and truly bring out the best in each other.  It was a glorious day.

All of our trips currently out will return in time for United Nations Day on Monday.  Then on Tuesday, our final 4 trips of the session will depart.  Of course, 2nd Session will have a full compliment of trips as well.

We are getting very excited for UN Day!  More about that coming up!!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin