Days of Camp – July 8, 2019 – UN DAY – Part 1!

Hi Folks,

And here we are…it’s United Nations Day!  Today is one of the most exciting days of the summer, 2nd maybe only to the day the boys arrive.  Today all of the campers and staff are divided into 4 nations.  They are JAPAN, RUSSIA, SCOTLAND, and SOUTH KOREA. There have been many man-hours that have gone into the preparations for today, including kids and counselors working hard to prepare their teams, get everyone pumped up, and make sure the boys are playing in events they enjoy.

We woke up 30 minutes early today, at 7:30 AM.  It was sunny and cool, and really an ideal morning.  We had a nice, well balanced carb & protein breakfast (gotta take care of all these athletes!), and then it was time for Opening Ceremonies.  For this each team has a 3 minute interval in which they introduce their team and whatever the theme for their presentation will be.  That was followed by a 9 minute presentation from each team, and they were fantastic!  You could see that some of the guys put a lot of time into their scripts and really spent time with the kids helping them learn their lines and all the parts.  Maybe none of ’em were “Hamilton,” but we saw some truly creative stuff.

Once we raised the flag, we delved right into the UN Day Marathon.  Less a marathon, and more a relay race, each camper in camp had a leg to run, and the course traversed most of camp, including several legs through some wide trails in the forest.  There was a separate race for each village, and they all finished at the flagpole so we could watch the dramatic conclusion.  Two of the races were pretty spread out between 1st and the rest, but there was a pretty close finish also.

Then it was on to 1st Series of Events.  That included:  Basketball, Canoe Racing, Floor Hockey, the Pentathlon, Riflery, Shuffleboard, Softball, Tennis, Tetherball, Trampball, Tushball, and Volleyball.  It was a warm morning for sure, so we had to keep reminding the boys to drink lots of water.  The canoe race was really fun because each team had to paddle out on to a point on the lake, and then change places in the canoe and paddle back.  Naturally, we had lifeguards out there with them and a motor boat to help out if needed.

After 1st Series, we reconvened at the Flagpole, the teams all did some cheers, congratulated the kids on a great series, and then sent them off for 2nd Series.

What they did not know at that point is the spread between 1st & 2nd place was only 6 points.  SIX!  The same was true of the spread between 2nd & 3rd place.  And as we’d soon see, it was gonna get even tighter.

2nd Series included: Basketball, Bombardment, Connect-4, Pentathlon, Soccer, Spikeball, Tennis, Trampball, Ultimate Frisbee, and the Yachtsman’s Relay (a boat race that includes canoes and funyaks).  As the series was winding down, 2 teams were still competing in Ultimate Frisbee.  Scotland and South Korea were playing for 1st & 2nd, and Scotland had worked to a big lead of 5-0.  South Korea kept their heads up and battled back and tied it at 8 all.  And then, in the closing seconds a hail Mary pass found it’s target, and Scotland pulled it out.  Wow!

So as things stand now, the difference between 1st & 2nd place is DOWN TO 2 POINTS!!!! And to add intrigue, the team that previously occupied 3rd place has eeked their way into 2nd.  The spread between 2nd & 3rd is now 3 points!  Talk about a close day!

As you might imagine, after all of that activity, lunch was a welcome break.  Right now we’re in a well-deserved Rest Period.  This afternoon we will have some relay races, followed by 3rd Series of events, followed by the Staff Tug o’ War and finally the Camper Tug o’ War.  You never know how things may turn out.  Stay tuned, and we’ll update you after it’s all over.

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin