Days of Camp – July 8, 2019 – UN DAY – Part 2!

Hi Folks,

It is all over but the celebrating!  Whoah!  What a day!  As you know, things were very close at lunch time.  The excitement only picked up from there.

We had a nice lunch of turkey hot dogs and fries.  Some protein, some carbs…very yummy.  After a peaceful Rest Period (during which time the kids dutifully wrote letters home), it was time for the Camper and Staff Relays.  We all met on the Far Athletic Field, and the fastest runners from each village on each team squared off.  The race was on, and it was like watching greased lightning (without all the dance moves).  Zooom!  Then came the 3 fastest staff members for each team, which was equally impressive.

Then it was on to 3rd Series of Events.  That series included Checkers, Floor Hockey, Obstacle Course, the Pentathlon, Pottery, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Tetherball, Trampball, Tushball, and the Waterfront Triathlon.  A very full schedule, indeed.  The sun continued to shine and keep things warm, and the boys used the energy they regained from rest period to push hard.  The softball game for 1st & 2nd ran a little long, as did the tennis matches, so we all gathered around to watch and cheer.

And then…it was time for the Tugs.  Up first were the Staff Tugs, and just to explain, there are actually 4 tugs per division.  So two teams square off, then the other two tug.  Then we have the two teams that didn’t manage to win their first tug pull against each other for 3rd & 4th, followed by the tug for 1st & 2nd.  It’s a whole thing.  Lots of tugging, lots of cheering.

After the Staff Tugs came the Camper Tugs.  There is a cheer we sometimes hear around camp on these days….”The tug is all that matters!”  Sometimes it refers to just gaining some pride as the strongest team in camp.  Some years, it is prophetic in that the tug really does determine which team ultimately wins the day.  Wouldn’t it be dramatic if I told you this year it was the latter?  Yeah…well, that’s not the case.  The team that won the day was winning before the tugs, and that’s how the day ended.  Sometimes it just isn’t so dramatic, though it is still a whole bunch of fun.


  • Porcupine Mountains, MI – 3 days backpacking
  • Flambeau River, WI – 3 days river canoeing
  • Brule River, WI – 3 days river canoeing
  • Sylvania Nat’l Recreation Area, MI – 3 days lake canoeing

We still have tons of fun in store before the session ends.  We’ll write again soon.

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin