If you would prefer to print this application instead of submitting it online, you can find a pdf version here of: Camper Application or CIT Application or 2018 Enrollment Policies and Fees.

Enrollment Information and Policies

To enroll a camper at Camp Timberlane, please submit the online application, print out the online application and mail or fax it, or complete a paper application, and mail or fax it. Deposit by credit card or check is required within 10 days of application to hold a spot at camp.

Our space is held for campers whose application forms are completed with fees paid on schedule. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis per age group. In the event an age group becomes full, we will implement a waiting list for that age group. Campers will be placed on the waiting list upon receipt of their completed application and deposit. Waiting list deposits are refunded in full at any time if we are unable to confirm enrollment, or at the request of the parents or legal guardians.

Deposits, Cancellation and Enrollment Changes, Cancellation Insurance

Prior to the Camping Season

Camp Timberlane reserves the right to deny enrollment or cancel enrollment of any camper whose conflicting summer plans prevent him from attending the full term of the session he has registered for. Deposit refunds will be subject to cancellation date restrictions. Families who provide notice of such conflicts after the summer has begun may incur an additional fee. Camp Timberlane requires that all campers receive all vaccinations that would be required of their public school system in the district of their primary residence. Parents/Guardians must provide verification of immunization history.

Paying for Camp

Payment for camp will be done in up to 4 separate installments. If application is made after an installment date, the deposit to hold a spot at camp will be equal to the total amount of installments already due at that point. If a camper’s account is not up to date with required payments, that camper’s spot will not be held or reserved, and may be forfeited. Payments may be made by check or credit card. Credit card payments will incur an added transaction fee.


An $1250.00 deposit must accompany Camper and PA applications within 10 days. Payment may be made by check or credit card.
A $500.00 deposit must accompany all CIT applications within 10 days. Deposits for CITs are immediately NON-REFUNDABLE.

November 15th

Deposits for campers are fully refundable if we receive notice of cancellation on or before November 15th. All deposits made thereafter are non-refundable.

Changes from Full Season (8-week) to 4-week enrollment must be made prior to November 15th. Changes made thereafter will be treated as a 4-week cancellation, and will be assessed a surcharge of $1250.00.

January 15th

Second deposit of $1250.00 is due. All deposits are non-refundable.

March 15th

Third deposit of $1250 is due. All deposits are non-refundable.

May 15th

Balance per invoice is due.

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance is available via an independent insurance company. This provides a refund of non-refundable fees you've paid if cancellation occurs for specified reasons (illness, injury, relocation, loss of job, and others). Policy also provides accident and illness insurance. Insurance must be purchased at the time of enrollment. Please click here for more details.

Late Payments

Late payments shall be subject to interest charges at the rate of 1.5% per month. You agree that all disputes arising or relating to this contract will be venued in Tucson, Arizona, and decided in accordance with Arizona law.

During the Camping Season

Tuition will not be pro-rated for campers arriving late, leaving early, or departing temporarily during the summer. In the event a camper must leave camp early for a reason Camp Timberlane considers to be unavoidable (illness, family emergency, etc.), a portion of the unused tuition may be refunded at the Directors’ sole discretion. Camp Timberlane reserves the right to dismiss, without tuition refund and at the Directors’ sole discretion, any camper whose behavior is deemed harmful to himself or the camp community. Camp Timberlane is not responsible for the loss or damage of campers’ personal property. Parents may be responsible for damage to the property of others occasioned by their child’s intentional acts.

Parental authorization is assumed for the use of photographs and videos of campers in Camp Timberlane’s promotional literature and materials, videos, etc. and for the publication of camper names and email addresses on the camp website. Parental authorization is assumed for campers to leave camp for trips and camp events with authorized staff members or for social visits with other camp parents visiting during the summer. Packages sent to campers at camp must conform to the camp’s package policy. Campers will comply with the camp’s electronics policies.