Pow Wow Day!

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: No announcements today. 7:20 AM: The morning arrived with sunshine beaming through the trees.  The damp trees.  We’ve had some “heavy dew” lately, so the blue sky was a great sight to see.  Thursday was a wash out for most of the day.  We still had lots of fun, but it was … Read more

Legacy Legends

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Two things to share with you.  1) In the next few days you will receive a short card in the mail written by your son’s counseling team.  This is just a quick check-in to update you on how things have been going for your son.  These are intended to provide you some … Read more

Flavors of Camp

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you’re new to the Directors’ Journal, welcome!  We’ve been having a grand ol’ time around here.  This is the section of the Journal where we’ll share any important news with you.  If it’s really important, we’ll also send an email, so you won’t miss anything. Please be sure you’ve familiarized yourself … Read more