Why Just Boys?

For some boys, interactions with girls can be challenging and stressful.  This is certainly not true for everyone, but for many boys, particularly as they get older, they often focus on things like:

  • How do I look?
  • What do the girls think of me?
  • Do I sound cool?
  • Do I sound uncool?!!

These concerns can raise competitiveness among boys.

There are times and places in which this is a perfectly fine life lesson to work on.  For Timberlane boys, summer is a time to set those concerns aside.  At camp, it’s so healthy and relaxing to be  carefree about their appearance or how “cool” they are.

Not only does that reduce stress for our boys, it also enables Timberlane campers to be genuinely who they want to be.  

We often hear boys say they have a “camp” persona and a “school” persona, and they truly prefer their camp persona.  They like who they are at camp!

This is a primary component of our environment that develops confidence, self-awareness AND the strongest bonds of friendship that most people will achieve in their lifetimes.  

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